job dissatisfaction

Many people find themselves unhappy in their workplace, but can't imagine what kind of change would be better.  Finding yourself lost in the trajectory of your career is not uncommon. Sometimes a small shift can make a huge difference, and other times therapy can reveal a desire to take a big career risk for the sake of your health and wellbeing.

leadership stress

Leadership comes with responsibility.  My unique background includes excelling in a very competitive industry prior to getting my Masters in Social Work. Understanding business and the stress of the corporate arena helps me to connect with clients who attribute much of their symptoms to work and career stress. 

corporate wellbeing

Intuissa: Intuitive Productivity provides therapy on-site at your office, during business hours, and is a progressive work-place perk for employees.  When team members engage in interpersonal psychotherapy it can improve their communication skills and overall productivity and functioning in the workplace.



marriage & couples therapy

Are you feeling unfulfilled in your partnership?  Do little disputes turn in to all-out hurtful arguments? Have you fallen into a routine that lacks the spontaneity and passion you once had? Are you or your partner upset about your sex life? 

A lack of connection and communication difficulties can snowball quickly and lead to a lack of trust, limited physical intimacy, and even infidelity.   I have been extensively trained in a highly effective evidence-based treatment for couples called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) through a year of weekly experiential learning with the therapists at The Relationship Center of Michigan.  

premarital counseling

Many Faith traditions encourage pre-marital counseling to strengthen the relationship before making a lifelong commitment.  This proactive approach can help you understand each other, smooth out a major life transition, and allow you to enjoy the blending of two families into one.  If the stress of wedding planning has you on edge, therapy can ease the process by exploring unhealthy communication patterns and defining expectations.

LGBTQ couples

I have focused training on empowering language and inclusive perspective. I bring an awareness of heteronormative culture to my sessions when engaging with couples in relationship counseling. 


traditional therapy


anxiety & depression

Sometimes panic attacks and hopelessness kind of sneak up on you.  Often clients arrive at asking for help after a realization that the have pretty intense symptoms.  Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18% of the population.  (source: The National Institute of Health)

grief & loss

I have been honored to walk with my clients through their darkest storms.   Sitting in the pain and allowing painful emotion to move through the body is a major component of my grief work.  Sometimes my clients need to reconnect with their purpose in life and their personal motivation to continue on without their loved one.  When you feel hopeless and convinced their is no way through the pain, I am honored to hold the hope for you.

addiction in the family system

When someone we love is in the throws of addiction it can be debilitating for the whole family system.  I can help you heal from resentment and anger.  You can free yourself of guilt and obligation and support your family member in his or her recovery.  Many times boundaries are harsh and aggressive when set out of pain, or worse, weak boundaries can enable your loved one to continue and progress in their illness.  Therapy can help you process and develop firm and compassionate boundaries that will free you of burden and allow for healing to begin.   I completed a program for Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Counselors (CADC) through Loyola University Chicago.  This program included 700 hours of specialized substance use disorder training at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, one of the leading treatment centers in the country. 

If you or your loved one is suffering with an active Substance Use Disorder (SUD) I will refer you to a local treatment center that can provide you the level of care necessary to treat drug and alcohol disorders.   If you are in remission, also known as sustained recovery,  I can work with you to take you to the next level of healing in your spiritual journey.


unique strengths


service oriented professionals

Do you tend to take care of everyone else before yourself?  Do you find fulfillment in helping others? Do you take on responsibilities with resentment, and have a difficult time saying "No?"  Do you find yourself asking why no one around you can grow up? Many teachers, nurses, social workers, therapists, health care providers and first responders  deal with some of the same struggles related to care-taking tendencies.   What is our greatest strength can also be our most difficult challenge.

hormonal imbalance

Throughout my practice I have found similarities in symptom presentation in adolescent girls pre and post-puberty, women during and after pregnancy and lactation, and women entering perimenopause and menopause.  During these critical hormonal shifts mood symptoms can become distressing.  The DSM V has a new diagnosis of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), which opens doors for more research and access to services for women who suffer from dramatic waves of emotion.  I can provide referrals to holistic health practitioners who have knowledge and understanding about the complicated relationship between mood symptoms and hormone fluctuation.

creativity and intuition

Creativity enhances our ability to problem solve, and allows us to take risks while letting go of expectations.   Creativity and intuition are intricately tied together.  Learning to understand your gut reactions can be essential it making big decisions.   If you want to learn more about understanding your gut feelings check out this unique definition of intuition by Rosalie Puiman.     If you want to nurture your creative spirit I also refer the Blue Fire Institute where you can experience Michelle Cassou's ©Point Zero Method in Creating From Within workshops.